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A Visual History

Merrickville-Wolford is a picturesque town along the Rideau River. Explore the beauty of our village through these four photo galleries.

Early Merrickville

Early Merrickville

Merrickville Locks

"Merrickville Locks, Station Number 9 - 46 1/2 Miles from Bytown", ca. 1835-1844, by John Burrows (coloured by William Clegg). LAC no. 1990-496-10


"Merrickville-Rideau Commencement of an American or Canadian Town", ca. 1830 by James P. Cockburn. LAC no. 1970-188-326


"Meyrick-Ville-Rideau", ca. 1838 by Phillip John Bainbridge. LAC no. 1983-47-60

Works at Merricks Mills

"Works at Merricks Mills Rideau River for the Rideau Canal" by E.C. Frome and John By, 1825-1830. LAC no. 12892 40/80

W. Merricks Mills

"W. Merricks Mills" by John Burrows, May 1827. City of Ottawa Archives

Blockhouse at Merrickville

Blockhouse at Merrickville, March 1939 by Hnery Fransic Alnelle. LAC no. 1955-128-15

Merricks Mills

"Merricks Mills" by John Burrows, May 1827. City of Ottawa Archives

Merricksville, Rideau

"Merricksville, Rideau" ca. 1830 by James P. Cockburn. LAC no. 1989-261-2

Historic Homes

Historic Homes of Merrickville

The William Merrick House

The William Merrick House ca. 1821-1839

The Tyndall House

The Tyndall House ca. 1855

The Scott House

The Scott house ca. 1891

The Stone Duplex

The Stone Duplex ca. 1865

The Stephen Merrick House

The Stephen Merrick House ca. 1845-1850

The Percival House

The Percival House ca. 1890

The Pearson House

The Pearson House ca. 1890

The Magee house

The Magee House ca. 1858

The Merrick Tavern

The Merrick Tavern ca. 1830

The John Johnston House

The John Johnston House ca. 1855

The John Petapiece House

The John Petapiece House ca. 1900

The Birchill House

The Birchill House ca. 1860

The Aaron Merrick House

The Aaron Merrick House ca. 1845

Edwardian Yellow Trim

Edwardian Yellow Trim ca. 1900

Merrick Tavern Pond

Merrick Tavern Pond

The John Mills House

The John Mills Home ca. 1860

On the Rideau

Historic Homes on the Rideau

The Stone Farm House

The Stone Farm House ca. 1850

The Spillway Farm

The Spillway Farm ca. 1832

The Nicholson Farm

The Nicholson Farm ca. 1845

The 2nd McGuigan Farm

The Second McGuigan Farm ca. 1835

The Campbell House

The Campbell House ca. 1840

The Andrews House

The Andrews House ca. 1835

The Barton House

The Barton House ca. 1840 (porch added ca. 1900)

Portals to History

Portals to History
St. Ann Roman Catholic Church

St. Ann Catholic Church

The John Johnston House Door

Greek revival transom

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Merrickville Anglican church

The Stephen Merrick House Door

Greek revival transom

The Andrews House Door

Elliptical glass transom ca. 1845

The Aaron Merrick House Door

Elliptical glass transom ca. 1845

The Tyndall House Door

Loyalist look-alike ca. 1855

The Merrick Tavern Door

Merrick Tavern Door ca. 1820-1830

The Spillway House

Oval slatted transom

Semi-circle Door

An example of a semi-circle transom, ca. 1830

The Campbell House Door

Elliptical slatted transom ca. 1840

Victorian Trim

Victorian Trim

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